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November 23, 2004


Oddly, there actually ARE ways to lactate even when you're not the birth mother. Irony of ironies, it involves being on THE PILL. Can you believe it? Here's a link to how: IM me! We need to talk! I'll send you a cookie :)
Chasmyn beat me to it. I was going to mention that you can nurse an adopted baby. I'm considering it. One of my biggest upsets with IF is that I have these enormous boobs and I want them to DO SOMETHING to earn their keep. I call my Egor the witch, but I think you're nicer than me. Consider the blog crush totally returned.
Yeah, I can see resenting the home's odd, isn't it, that adoptive parents have to go through hurdles fertile parents don't (and maybe should?). Good luck. I'm excited about your adoption, I really am!
For me, the newborn part/pregnancy was part of grieving my infertility. I went through a heavy grieivng/ sadness period when I realised a lot of things you mentioned. It always came back to it would be so much easier if my body worked. However, the farther along I have gotten with our adoption, the less important those things are to me. But it took awhile to get to this current place, it was a process.
Okay, so now you got me all thinking you're going to update regularly... I can't find any info anywhere about that agency we talked about, but I did find some other great info....
What Marla said. process. I'm still being processed every day. I'm so processed I'm like Pausterized Processed Human Thing. But really, congratulations sweetie, and I am so excited that you are thinking about this!
Have you named your baby like Karen has? I think that is so cool... Best of luck. I am delurking to say I think you'll be a fab-o mom. Rachel
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