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November 03, 2004


No - I didn't eat your Tiramisu...but I wish I could be there to drown my sorrows in that lovely dessert with you. I'm bummed.
I'm all for Mexico! There are some problems there, yes, but it's a beautiful country, people are friendly, the culture colorful, and the food, the food! Sorry Canada. Me no comprende the brrr. And really, Vicente Fox is quite the fox among statesmen, pulchritudinally speaking, don't you think? Hey, and with the exchange rate, we could live like ... like ... well middle managers, maybe? Seriously though, I'd feel a bit more optimistic about making things work here for the next for years if I didn't feel so completely like Piggy in the Lord of the Flies right now.
Ok, I'm just going to avoid the whole political thing, even though I agree, and move on to the important issues, like how far away do you live from me, and is there any of the tiramisu left?
Dead Bug
I'm with ya. I've always enjoyed Lake Chapala myself, and parts of Guadalajara... Maybe it's time for a colorful, well-fed infertility commune?
Was that tiramisu made with lite marscopone or the full fat version. I will only admit to eating a big chunk if its the real deal. Sorry about Bush.
I met a guy on Halloween who had moved to Mexico in the last few months, he is quite happy there. And he loves the weather. What's the wait time like to immigrate?
la gringa56
I'm living in Mexico and I have to say it's a relief not be in the States right now. We're supposed to move back next summer, but recently I've been thinking that 4 more years South of the Border wouldn't be such a bad thing. Come on down!
oh I ate the rest of your tiramisu, some creme brulee and a million other things to try to forget who's in charge of running this place for the next four years...
Canda may be cold, but... I found you site through one of the "Dad blogs" that I read. You'll make great parents someday, soon.
Hi there... You've disappeared again, and I just thought I'd let you know I'm thinking about you and hoping you are OK. Love, Heidi

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