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June 07, 2005


I'm not quite sure where that all was going, but that was an amazing post! Glue and pheromones have definately gone to your head, and I like it.
It could be the glue or it could be all of the testosterone in the air. Did any of them take off their shirts? Hmmm I'm getting a contact high just thinking about it - tight jeans? Tool belts around their waists? Okay, these thoughts have definitely taken me to my happy place, thank you!
I want to come over to your house. :)
A convention for repair men huh...I'm quite sure that there is a porno with that same name floating around somewhere...
Really, you are a bit of a trollop, which is why I lurve you.
ROFLMAO I love it!! your too funny! Anyhoo, nice to meet you. drop on by sometime if you have the chance! :)

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