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July 28, 2006


sobbing here!!!! absolutely sobbing so so so happy for you. i can't even begin to tell you how much damn you for making me cry at work! love you T
Wow. How moving. You deserve every ounce of happiness that your daughter brings you. I love the happy looks on the new parents' faces. It is wonderful that you can finally experience such happiness.
Joining T in the sobbing too. I am so ecstatic for you and David and your beautiful new family finally together. Savour every precious second, sweetie.
What a lovely and heartwarming post. I am so pleased that you have what you have waited so long for. She is beautiful, and would you look at that luscious head of jet black hair! Congratulations Mom and Dad.
Adorable! Look at her little rosebud mouth! I could just kiss it! And she's big! Does anything fit? Glad you have the brush and comb, too...was Guatamama nice, how did that go, exactly? More details...more pictures...I can't get enough! Congratulations!
Cat, Galloping
It's a beautiful little girl and a beautiful story! Congratulations!
Mazel Tov! I pray that you will continue to be filled with hope. Beautiful FAMILY.
Alex and David - Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. I am so very thrilled for you and glad that things are getting smoother. She's just beautiful. Now go take more pictures. Seriously... we need more pictures.
Delurking to say that I am so very happy for you. It is impossible to read this post and not cry because the journey has been long and very arduous but good god look at the end result!
awww...she is beautiful! And so is this post. I am very happy for you!
Alex, your post made my eyes tear up with happiness and joy for you. You and David have such a beautiful daughter. Mazel tov!
She is ab-so-lutely beautiful! I cannot tell you how happy I am for all three of you to have found each other. My heartfelt Congrats!
She's so precious. What a happy family! Congratulations!
Alex, I am so happy for you and your family. Congratulations!
The story is heart-warming, the photos precious. Enjoy this new journey.
This is so amazing. Thanks for sharing the details and the photos, it is just incredible. I was scared we weren't going to get an update until you got back. Your daughter is so beautiful and all of you look so happy and complete together.
Congratulations to you and David! Your daughter is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your special moments.
I just popped over from blogher. What a beautiful story of your first day with your daughter. My heart is full just thinking of the joy you must be feeling right now. Congradulations on the arrival of your baby girl!
What a beautiful beginning to your life as a family. I cannot imagine all that you have been through to get to this point. God bless you and that precious little girl. Enjoy every minute of her!
Another crying working woman here. Tears of joy streaming down my face for you guys. Congrats to all of you!! So freakin' excited for all of you.
So happy for you! What a beautiful baby, and happy mama and daddy.
Oh hurrah!!! My five year IF partner is a MAMA!!! Congrats, sweetie. The three of you look so amazing and blissful. I'm so, so happy for you!
oh wow! congratulations Alexa. She is beeeauutiful.
knit_tgz (Tania)
Congratulations! :)
She is absolutely stunning and the three of you make a beautiful family. I started crying at the first picture and didn't stop through the rest of your post. How you've waited for this day...may it be the first of a lifetime of incredible memories and experiences. Congratulations :-)

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