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April 29, 2004


great friends you have there... -d
cheryl b.
Hello, I'm cheryl b. pleased to meet you.
So I am just guessing here that you have already tried the propping your feet up on the wall beside the bed method as well? *gentle laughs* Sorry I couldn't resist. Been there, done that, been back again. Hang in there. Nice to meet you :)
Faggot you just waisted my time with this douchy blog
this is all wrong. never do any of this stuff. half of it will result in a very unhealthy child. apparently this person wants a crack baby or something. don't do drugs or drink. it won;t get you anywhere. just infertility! go to more trustworthy sites guys!
Retards! This was a joke; sarcasm. Any one of you that read this and took it literally (example: "the douche-bag" who wrote the FAG comment, or the one who accused the author of wishing for a "crack" baby, should seriously go in the bathroom, look yourselves in the mirror and recite the words, "I am a looser and nobody likes people like me, nor do they care about my opinions - they only pretend to because they are educated and courteous; this is why I am a closed minded, self loathing person..." Recite this important message to yourselves every day whilst pandering at your ugly faces in the mirror and pray that this wonderful truth will one day sink in. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I thought this blog was humorous and clever and for those of us having difficulty getting pregnant, it was nice not to take it so serious for this short moment...
this is hilarious and soo true!!! love it!
Hi you guys, i think it's really funny and certainly it just shows that being or getting pregnant is a lottery. sometime you try so hard not to be pregnant and it just happens. how about this English woman who was taking the pill and fell pregnant with triplets!? Anyway, I also opened a blog, check out my blog feel free to add your experience to it. love and peace to all.
nay nay
hahah this is so funny it does seem that people that shouldnt have babies get pregnant and the people that dont want babies get to have them. i understand completely where you are coming from. you try everything good and fail only to find out your 14 year old niece gets pregnant the first time she has sex wtf or then you go to work and see everyone getting pregnant classic lol!!!
LOL!!! So funny yet so you tell me. I have been doing all those things you said avoid for five years, but you forgot one thing to add to the list; you must, I mean absolutely must be willing to have all of your children with different men!!! That is...if you want to have a baby. LMBO!!!
Kelly M.
This is by far the best thing I've read about how to get pregnant. Obviously it's someone just as frustrated as I am. And at least this website made cry because I was laughing so hard

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