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June 02, 2005


Here is to all your dreams coming true very soon, Alex. The house looks amazing... very appropriate for gourmet lifestyle!
Ahh, house porn. I know it well. You can't have that house, by the way. It's MINE MINE MINE. You can come join me by the pool, though.
As Tertia would say: that house is gorgeous and divine. It really is beautiful. My uncle used to live in a mansion in St. Louis too. His was so grand that they had a ballroom on the third floor. They had to sell it because one year when they went away on vacation the pipes froze, they moved in to the carriage house and waited for everything to sell. They didn't have a pool though. Enjoy house hunting, I hope you find a mansion that suits your budget.
I've got to know - how much?
If you move in there, I will too, and be your loyal maidservant. SOOOO pretty!
PaintingChef lust, I know it all too well. Here's mine.
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