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March 18, 2006


Rebecca Salem
I am praying for you!!! Sounds like things are going well. Please call me when you get back into town so we can go house hunting! GOOD LUCK!!!!
Little Doula
Boy, where do I start I am so overcome with emotion when I read your blogs,see your picture and remember how much I miss you.I am so proud of you! You are so brave and strong,you are the Warrior Woman.:) Please keep me posted and I will be reading your blog daily.I will be thinking of you and sending lots and lots of baby dust and positive vibes your way. And if needed I can ship you a whip to whip those bratty ovaries into shape. Hey no respectable Warrior Woman would be seen without her whip anyway.:) I love you!By the way it made my day hearing your voice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hugs , Kisses, and lots of Baby Dust, Me
fisher queen
Will you publish this somewhere? Kisses.
Well put. And yes, I've been terrible about reading blogs lately. I apologize. I still wuv you, even if you forgot to write "and some of us are incredibly hot, like Chris over at Barefoot." Yes, I forgive you, even for that. Good luck. You know how much I would love this to work for you and your husband. Take care. And go easy on the local boys, okay?
Just beautiful. How can you write like this in a torrent of hormones? I am willing your ovaries onwards and upwards.
Chris is incredibly hot. I can vouch for that. Wonderful post! But now you've got me singing bad country music. I think you've got a hit on your hands. I just got my reservation all straightened out and will be at your hotel in the very near future!
It's time for your debut on the Food Network. Instead of Michael Chiarello pairing his foods with wine or Ming Tsai celebrating timeless east-west ingredients, you can pair your wise IF insights with the appropriate recipes. I am going to eat humble pie right now. This post is too true and I am too guilty of harboring the kind of shame and bitterness that spoils a perfectly good appetite. Best of luck on the SF cycle and thanks for this one!
THANK YOU!! This brought tears to my eyes. So well said and emotional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Brought tears to my eyes as well. Thanks for writing the post.
Lovely post. It gave me strength and hope. Thank you!

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