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May 18, 2006


I too have the requisite pregnant neighbour, with the due date likely to be my birthday next week! What a great birthday present. She is a fabulous, wonderful person, but already has one child and I think now she's just being greedy. And the worst bit is that she is sensitive and aware and subtle and NOT a princess, so I don't even get to hate her. I'll really have to get started on getting her to work tomorrow - time's a-running out ...
LMFAO. You are so funny!
I noticed that they were having a sale on Pregnant Working Neighbor in the Target flyer, I just didn't know if they were worth it. Now I feel confident that my PWN will be just the ticket in helping us move. I think you should look into info-mercials and continueing marketing this untapped resource.
OMG! That might be the funniest thing I read all week! I know it's really NOT funny. Being infertile SUCKS BIG you-know-whats. But if we can't laugh at ourselves, we'd never get through. I definitely agree with your mathematical equation. You deserve an honorary doctorate for that one.
fisher queen
I loved that. She's extra pregnant isn't she? Good lord. You shouldn't be able to hold anything even vaguely phallic when you're that pg. It's not decent.
Jesus. That is the funniest f*&king thing I have read/seen in a long damn time. In fact, I think the last funniest f*&king thing was from your blog. Your blog is the only one that I force my husband to listen to as I read aloud. You are really able to capture such intense complexity of things when you combine words and images... it is crazy brilliant.
You could write a book "101 Uses for a Pregnant Neighbor." I would like to add "Use pregnant neighbor to stop drafts from windows and doors during the winter months" if that's okay.
Damn ... I've missed the pregnant neighbour boat! She popped yesterday and is now selfishly hiding out in hospital.
I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time. What a great sport - I seem to have a collection of fertile neighbors - hmm, wonder if they'd like to play along?
That awful sound you hear is me snorting with laughter!!
Your neighbor is definitely a gamer. I love this photo.
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