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February 01, 2007


Oh WOW! What an exciting turn of events! I'm so happy that you're bringing your girl home soon and that you may have a new little one to start planning for. What a crazy couple of years for you!
Wow. I am so happy that you are coming home! And what an interesting and exciting tuen of events with Scarlett's sibling!
Holy crap! Congratulations on all accounts!
That's almost--almost--too much excitement for one day. Congratulations!
She is beautifull! Thank you for taking this beautiful spirit into your life and your heart and giving her all the wonderful possibilities that are hers! Congratulations! Travel home safely.
So is there a chance that you would definitely get Scarlett's little brother or sister if Guatemama decides to put her up for adoption too? Oh my GOODNESS!
WOW! I am so excited to hear about both developments! Congratulations!
Holy crap is right! Wow, that is so amazing. You head must be spinning! I can't wait to hear more about a second baby! We found out a few months ago that our son's bmom had a little girl less than a year after Prince Alexi was born. I don't know much more than that other than she is married now, presumably to the father. It's strange for me to know that PA has a sister out there that we know nothing about. Anyway, I haven't posted in a long time but I wanted to congratulate you! I've been catching up on your journey the last couple days and I am so happy and excited for you. I remember so well how I felt when we brought Prince Alexi home!
Holy Toledo! So much goodness in one post. Another baby?!?! How incredibly wonderful. Pink slips and two pink lines. This calls for a celebration.
Wow, congrats!
Oh that is wonderful news. Please tell me that the Guatemalan government will work to keep these two children together!
WOOO HOOOO! ON ALL ACCOUNTS!! Ahh so much to be said about this, such good news. So happy for you and for Scarlett.
Oh my gosh!! Is this definite??
OH MY GODDESS ALEX!!!!! Every time I come to excitedly check on your status, I am crying tears of joy these days. Alex! You're having another baby! Is it for sure? I mean can you? Will having Scarlett already make things go more smoothly and quickly? Hey! This means you get to return to Antiqua soon! I;m just speechless! What an amazing blessing! I'm going to go cry some more now. I feel like I am saying this every time I post, but that's just because it's true: I am so so happy for you. I love you!
Ok, Congrats and holy shit all at once!! How incredibly wonderful for you! I am very choked up to hear you are coming home. I've been following for a long time, and couldn't be more thrilled for you and your family. Wow.
HOLY COW!! Amazing! :)
ALex, that's lovely (and terrifying) news! I hope it all works out for the best. And very excited to see you home w scarlett soon, soon.
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