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May 03, 2008


Thanks for updating your blog list, I have been looking for more blogs to read because all of my blog friends have stopped blogging as much. I hope all is well.
Hey Alex - Thanks for the list with a bunch of new blogs for me to check out. Wouldn't mind if you added me to the list The Unachievable Double Lines Thanks!!
Yay! New ones to read!
File me under "turkey baster" cause that's all we seem to do these days! Thanks for the new reads, Alex.
I just found you and if you can truly stand to read yet another blog rambling on about the frustrations of trying to get pregnant, please feel free to stop by mine ( It's a wacky world, and the fellow infertile bloggers of the world do help to keep me sane...
Wooohooo -- I'm on the list! Oh wait, I don't know if that is a good thing or not. :) Thank you for adding me.
Yiipppeee! I'm honored to be included!! I'll put you on my blogroll as well. Love the name of your blog, btw!!
Hey, you didn't take me off. I'll have to keep writing depressing stories. Much lurve.
Ooo...I'm very pleased to be added to the list as well. Next time I gather up enough initiative to alter my blogroll, I'll be sure to add you.
Another infertile with a blog coming out of the woodwork. Feel free to put me on this list as well - just started blogging this weekend.
hey, thanks for adding me to the list! Very kind of you!
New reader putting you on my bloglines sublist. Now off to read archives. *wave*
Thanks for the list! You are so cool!
Wow...I'm honored you found me. Hope you don't mind if I link to you.
Hello! Thank you for the mention! :) Although I've sworn off of writing about infertility (yeah right!), I hope you still come and visit. XO, Isabel
Alex, you're so nice to do this work. Thank you. I would hate though, for someone to be directed to my blog without knowing I'm currently up the duff. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Could you please move me to pregnant status?
Would you add me to your list please, pretty please cherry on top?
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