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November 06, 2008


From a Tertia-reader in California...We tried! 48% of us voted well...I guess we just weren't enough. Ciao
Two step forward and one step back.... you said that right!
Unfortunately not everyone can be as intelligent as us, LOL! I was really surprised that California didn't stand up for same-sex marriages. It's very sad.
Rebecca Salem
What's really sad is that if California can't get it passed then none of the other states stand a chance in hell. Well, we do have a black president, maybe it was just too much change in one year. Noone ever thought this was possible so we have to just wait until it is the gays turn to have their day!
I worked my ass off on Tuesday to try to get 8 to go the right way. And you know that is one big ass. All for naught. Tuesday night and Wednesday were so hard for me because I was soooooo happy about Obama and soooooooooo sad about Prop 8. We Californians got ripped off! We couldn't be purely joyous like the rest of you.
As I'm now in IL - I couldn't help but wish temporarily I was back voting in Jackson County (Kansas City). JUST for one extra vote.
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