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June 21, 2009


Not On Fire
That was a beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing.
Hi, Just a quick note to say that we used to drink raw milk (I live in Italy), even though you lose all the + vitamins, you should boil it esp. for your daughter. Our friend who has a degree in agriculture says it kills all the germs and possibly any tuberculosis bacteria that may be present in raw milk. Once it's boiled, you can use it like normal pasteurized milk. Don't want to scare you, but he told me this a year after I had been giving my son raw milk for breakfast (heated up slightly in the microwave oven)! take care, Anna
Definitely sounds like one of those great moments to savor.
Hey Alex! I sent you an e-mail after the shower but haven't heard back from you yet. Just checking to make sure you got it. (((HUGS))) Lynn
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yolanda spearman
I love it! I was always worried about raw milk but your story has inspired me!!!!
montažne hiše
Really looks tasty. Thanks for sharing this.
Donde Invertir
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